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Because Xmas isn’t just a day…. OK Grinch?

The Story

 Rudy loves Xmas!

Every. Single. Day.

When Rudy’s dad abandons him on Xmas morning, Rudy’s mom blames him for doing Xmas wrong! Now, 30 years later, Rudy still spends every day trying to do Xmas RIGHT! He won’t even consider celebrating other holidays, so don’t ask! But somehow spreading Xmas Spirit every day all year long doesn’t inspire the fellowship he hopes for. In fact, Rudy doesn’t have any friends at all.

Then, one day, Rudy meets Clarice. She thinks his obsession with Xmas is cute. But when Rudy foolishly rejects Clarice’s Valentine gift, (Rudy only celebrates Xmas thank you very much….) she is crushed.

Finally, Rudy makes a friend and in two shakes of a jingle bell he loses her. Turns out a lost friend is worse than never having had a friend at all! Maybe, Rudy thinks, it would just be better if he wasn’t around to say Merry Xmas ever again. Nobody appreciates his dedication to the Great Xmas Spirit anyway.

That Great Xmas Spirit happens to be named Nelson. And even Nelson thinks Rudy could ease off a bit on the Yuletide. But if Rudy has any hope of getting his life straightened out and winning back Clarice he’ll have to listen to his better angel. Nelson, is very sassy angel so Rudy better snap out of his mopey, defeatist attitude because Nelson is not having anymore of Rudy’s nonsense!

Xmas Freak begins filming April 2020 and will be released Thanksgiving 2020.


I love people. I love telling stories about them. I love figuring out why a person makes the choices they make.

I was inspired by the touchstone Xmas stories of It’s A Wonderful Life and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, both of which examine the power of community, love, and individualism.

Xmas Freak is a mash up of traditional Xmas stories with a peculiarly millennial perspective that spans generational experiences. In creating the character “Rudy”, I chose to explore alienation (which is something many of us feel more acutely at Xmas) through the negative template for Ebenezer Scrooge. Both characters have disconnected from society and both are sewing their own fates. But while Scrooge will not acknowledge Xmas, Rudy will acknowledge nothing but Xmas.

Xmas Freak is a personal story about growing up with a giant emptiness in your life. We alienate. We isolate. We hope nobody notices how broken we are. We do our best to fill the void. But our best never seems to be good enough. Everyone else is obviously perfect. Obviously. No visible problems. So we try to be perfect too. But we fail. We decide it’s easier to shut off from the world and be angry that the “perfect ones” don’t understand us. Maybe they’re not so perfect after all…. Even more reason to push away and reject them before they reject us. But the funny thing about growing up with a giant emptiness in your life is that, in one way or another, we all have an emptiness. Even the perfect ones. It’s the process of discovering what that emptiness is, and what it wants, that makes us who we are. And nobody does that alone. Everybody needs somebody. Everybody needs to love and to be loved. Sometimes, that means trusting that our imperfections are no more or less imperfect than anyone else’s. Because together we’re so much more than imperfect. We’re perfectly imperfect.

I know you’ll love Xmas Freak. There’s something about Rudy and his misguided efforts to seem “cool”, despite an ache that will not go away, that is familiar to us all. You and I might see the solution to Rudy’s problem right away, but for Rudy it remains elusive. Because like Scrooge, George Bailey, and Rudolph, Rudy just needs to view his life from a different perspective. He can turn it around in a moment. If he will.

I made Xmas Freak for you to enjoy alone, with friends, or with the whole family. You’ll laugh at Rudy’s humor, ache at his failures, and cheer his triumphs. We’re all a little bit Rudy.



Family Values Productions have been producing feature films since 2013. Our award winning films Kakoon, Boo Demon vs La Cerveza de Muerte, Radio Silence, and Strictly Professional have screened world wide to thousands of audiences.

Robot Girl from the FUTURE – Boo Demon

Writer and Director Sean Brown believes in a “story first” approach to film making. Great storytelling begins with a great story. Obvs. The rest is hard work. We just make it look easy!

Heath washing off deadly chemical – Radio Silence

FVP’s mission is to make compelling films. We would never say no to a budget, but little to no money will also never stop us. If we can do it, you can too! Make your own movie!

Gloria, Suzanne, and Titsy – Strictly Professional

Everyone has a great story to tell!



Sean Brown is a film maker and writer in Portland, Oregon.  He has completed 4 feature films since 2013 and is Portland’s most prolific zero budget filmmaker. 

*KAKOON – 2013




Sean’s films, budgets ranging from $500 – $750, have screened in festivals throughout Europe, Asia, Central America, and North America. His film RADIO SILENCE was awarded grand prize at WIPE festival in Germany. And his latest film, STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL was honored with acceptance at the 45th NW Filmmaker’s Film Festival in November 2018.

XMAS FREAK is Sean’s 5th feature film.

Sean has been married for 27 years to a remarkable man. They have one daughter, one granddaughter, and a chihuahua.



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Suzanne and Kevin – Strictly Professional
GLoria making plans to meet her gigolo – Strictly Professional
Cast of Strictly Professional
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Carr searching for Heath before everyone dies
James and Heath not enjoying breakfast
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